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Hey, I’m an artist, illustrator and author based on the sunny Sussex coast in the UK.

I’ve exhibited, drawn, written, made, designed and animated lots of things, and you can see some of them here. I’m always up for collaborating on projects so
get in contact
if you have anything in mind. 

Illustration & Animation

Storytelling, attitude and character are my bag.

Change is OK by @likeliterallylucy
Mind & No-Mind by @likeliterallylucy

I write and illustrate books. Here are some illustrations I’ve made for them:

Creative Space Journal

Encouraging you to be mindful, creative and think differently, with over 100 art projects.

Bear Illustration from the Creative Space Journal
Illustrations from Creative Space JOurnal
Plasticine Penguin form the Creative Space Journal

Dealing with your personal and emotional demons through visualisation of the beasties and bite-sized exercises.

Demon Illustrations from the book Exercise Your Demons
Inconsiderate Demon from the book Exercise Your Demons
Sticker Illustrations from the book Exercise Your Demons

A guide to help you through the end of days, from finding shelter to replacing your cravings for cat videos.

Illustrations from the Creative Guide to the End of the World
Famous Cats: Maru, Lil Bub, A Street Cat named Bob, Colonel Meow, Grumpy Cat
Illustrations from The Creative Guide to the End of the Worlds




I made a strange and wonderful film called The Snugglefug in 2018. It did quite well ,with screenings at the London Short Film Festival amongst others.

Film Festival Rosettes
Other Stuff

Wow, you’ve scrolled hard, your thumb must be hella sore.

I’ve made some real life things that exist in (our perception of) the physical world. Here they are.

Animated gif of a plasticine tiger
Animated gif of a wooden sculpture
Animated gif of a wooden yeti sculpture
Call me maybe?

I have all the skills and millions of experience, so if you work with me, all of your wildest dreams will come true.