The Snugglefug: my new short film, journeys to an alternate dimension...

…where a blue bear faces the consequences of her late night drunken internet purchase from the MysteryOoo company.

Bearface has recently suffered the tragic loss of her fluffy kitten, Tiddles. One night, drunk on Bear’s Beer, browsing through the cats on the shelter’s website, a persuasive ad pops up for a MysteryOoo box (“I couldn’t live without mine!”). Clicking on the ad changes her life forever as an intriguing new pet is delivered to her door by a MysteryOoo driver.

The Snugglefug has allowed me to create a strange and unnerving universe for my unlikely set of characters to exist. Making my first film has been a joy as I’ve managed to use all of the skills that I’ve built up over the years including model-making, sewing, illustration, animation, graphic design, motion design and making terrible music.

The design of the characters was influenced by many of the films that I watched growing up such as: Gremlins, Jurassic Park, *batteries not included and the Labyrinth. I decided to pit the characters against the struggles of modern living, including: voice activated technology, zero-hour contracts, things being too easy to order online and the endless streams of cute animal videos that we see every day. 

Described by some as “like an episode of Black Mirror, with puppets” and others as “a bit weird”; here is 8 minutes of pink fluffy horror for you to enjoy:

As well as the prop and costume-making I paid a lot of attention to the graphical details of the film, including all of the different websites, phone interactions and photoshopping the characters into odd situations. The idea came to me in bits over several months and the whole piece took a long 2 months from storyboarding to completion, with 2 days of filming.

The Snugglefug Trivia:

The initial idea for the film sprung from a childhood experience, which deeply affected me. I was watching a popular kids Saturday Morning TV show at the time and they showed a creature hatching from an egg. Zoe Ball said that you could win this creature in a competition if you called in with the correct answer to a really easy multiple choice question. “Apparently” this species had been very recently discovered by scientists somewhere and somehow. I had wanted a pet for ages and most nights I would dream about my parents surprising me with an Andrex puppy, so I REALLY wanted one. It reminded me of something from the film “Flight of the Navigator”, one of my favourites, so I begged my Mum to let me call in. She responded with “Look at the date Lucy: it’s an April Fools joke” but I wouldn’t listen. I called up and waited for them to announce the winner later in the programme. I should have listened to my mother.

Also, in case you were wondering, the person wearing the costumes was me.

Finally, super special thanks to the amazing Angie Thomas for her camera skills, advice and unwavering support throughout, and also to Adam Glen for his brilliant voice work on Learn4Brains.