I decided to change my logo recently and I didn’t want to use another font, instead I designed my new logo based on the style of handwritten lettering taught in French schools. My Mother got a job in Paris when I was in primary school and I went to school there for a while. I remember being fascinated by the contrast between the way you are taught to create beautiful joined up writing at school in France, and the incredibly dull way you are taught to write letters in England! This is the cover of one of the books I was given to help me learn what the names of objects were in French, and one of the resources I used to create my new logo:


Here are a few of the variations that I ended up with:


And this is the final logo with favicon:


I chose to use all lower-case letters, as I prefer the look of them, especially the lower case l.

To finish up, here are a few examples of some of my favourite fonts, including Lobster, used for my old logo (I do tend to favour swirly serif fonts). Enjoy! :

Free ones:



Marketing script




Paid ones:

Hipster Script


Thirsty Rough