Hello, I am an artist and illustrator living in Brighton, UK. I was brought up on shows like these…

… which made me believe that I could draw or make anything that I could imagine.

I’ve managed to cling on to that philosophy and I’ve continued to make work in a variety of different mediums, styles and areas including (but not limited to): illustration, animation, painting, sculpture, prop-making & graphic design. I’m not too keen in pigeonholing myself. I try to pay attention to the random thoughts that pop into my mind whilst I’m in the shower and make them a reality. My work is playful, colourful and fun, and often filled with animals.

I am very interested and open about the processes I use to create my art and often document the these using video. I am always happy to collaborate, share ideas and make art for events and creative spaces.

Please do get in contact if you would like to discuss art and illustration commissions, exhibitions, collaborating, or anything else. Take a look at my portfolio to view selected pieces of work and if you want to see what I’m up to at the moment follow me on instagram.